Free Kubernetes cluster to get your hands dirty

No more hassle of cluster setup before actually learning the real thing

Launch Cluster

After login with your Github account, you can launch your free Kubernetes cluster with your prefered cloud provider in our dashboard.

Run Test Cases

With provided credentials, you can control your cluster with kubectl. Follow our tutorials to master the basics of Kubernetes.

Recycle Resources

After 24 hours, your free Kubernetes cluster will be terminated and resources will be recycled. Feel free to launch a private cluster if you have a longer testing plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cloud provider do you support?

Currently we support Amazon Web Services and Vultr. Will add support for DigitalOcean and Google Cloud Platform soon.

Why not Google Container Engine?

Google Container Engine provides managed Kubernetes cluster. We would strongly suggest to use it as a production environment. TryK8S, on the other hand, provides the vanilla Kubernetes experience. You can make changes to the API server, the schedulers, the worker nodes during your learning process. Besides TryK8S is a free service. You don't have to supply any payment information to use it.

Can I keep the cluster after expiration?

Clusters expire in 24 hours after its creation. If you need a cluster for a testing plan more than one day, you could launch a private cluster by providing credentials from your cloud providers.

Why can't I launch new cluster?

Due to limitd resource available, we might pause new cluster creation when demands is too high.

When demands drops to normal, we will resume cluster creation. Meanwhile, you could always launch new private clusters.

What can I do with TryK8S?

TryK8S is for testing and learning purposes only. You can build a website or a distributed system following our tutorials.

Please don't run your production code in your free cluster. All data in your cluster will deleted after expiration.

Usage is been monitored. Please don't abuse our service.

Is there an SLA?


How do I get help?

Kubernetes Slack channel is the best way to contact engineers and share your ideas with them. They hang out at #kubernetes-users on Slack. Its user forum on stackoverflow is a great place to go for community support.